Cyber Security Strategy

The need for proactive and robust Information Security and Risk Management in today’s connected world is of paramount importance. At the same time one needs to maintain electronic relationships and provide access to a wide audience of partners, from customers to employees. We help you fortify your online presence and protect critical information stored and processed using web applications, intranet and internet to mitigate technology risks and cyber threats.

We assist you to decide which of the cyber security measures and strategies are vital to your organization by factoring in your unique business environment and goals. This enables you to allocate your budget in most effective way and avoid reinventing the wheel in future.

Database Security Audit

Databases are a key element in most business-related information systems. But how do we know that the information stored in the database and the reports made from these, can be relied upon?
CPI Technologies provides Database Audit Services where we check the configuration, role and rights management of database systems and see if it as per organizations security policy and data privacy and confidentiality requirements.

Website and Web Application Security Testing

Internet presence is an essential part of every business strategy these days. With all small and large firmsplan to build a website to extend the reach of customers, hence website security is a dimension one cannot afford to ignore.

We offer gray box and black box security testing of your web applications and websites using industry best practices and tools to protect it from known security threats like Cross Site Scripting, Cross-Site Request Forgery, security misconfiguration, source code and scripting level vulnerabilities, SQL injections, authentication issues and many more.

By conducting Web Application Security Testing, organizations can verify its exposure level to external risks to its internet facing applications and can take proactive measures to mitigate any high risks that can cause reputation or business loss.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

According to the CERT 99% of network attacks leverage known vulnerabilities, therefore the opportunity exists to elude the damage extorted by these attacks - simply by taking proactive steps to eliminate the multitude of vulnerabilities confronting your organization. Most of the successful attacks on internal systems are originated from inside resources as they have maximum access to internal systems and data.

To mitigate internal risks to your productions servers and confidential data we offer internal vulnerability assessment to find out and close high and medium level vulnerabilities that exists on your LAN and key systems.

We provide you the assessment service which determines the nature of security vulnerabilities which exist on the network devices, servers &hosts, and methods of mitigating them.

Remote Penetration Testing

Today,the chances of a security breach in an organization leveraging the Internet for on going business is much more than what it used to be in the past.

The goal of our remote network penetration testing service is to determine if the protective controls put in place by your organization to safe guard its information assets can be compromised by external threats.

The penetration testing gives your organization the picture of the overall security of the infrastructure as seen from the internet. We cover all internet facing IP addresses in this testing.

Security Content Development for Products

CPI Technologiesn provides strategic consulting services focused on security and compliance strategy for product planning and content development like mapping regulatory compliance controls such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NERC, FISMA, NIST, ISO, and ITIL to security product features and documenting the use of the product in support of the mandates.