IT Governance and Managed Security Services

ISO 20001 / ITIL Consulting and Training Services

IT Service Management refers to any aspect of the management of IT service like Planning, Delivery, Support, Security and Infrastructure, it pledges the effective operation and delivery of IT services to clients, guaranteeing client satisfaction. The management system provides an integrated, process approach resulting in well-accomplished service delivery, avoiding discrepancy in release management, Change management and information security. From strategy planning, ITIL and ISO 20001 consulting and conducting official training courses for ITIL Foundation and Manager , our team is committed to deliver a IT Governance and Service Management system that creates the foundation for building your organization.

COBIT 5 Consulting

COBIT 5 is business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. COBIT 5 builds and expands on COBIT 4.1 by integrating other major frameworks, standards and resources, including ISACA's Val IT and Risk IT, ITIL ® and related standards from the ISO.

We will help implement COBIT 5 framework by linking your business goals to IT goals, providing metrics and maturity models to measure the achievement, and identifying the related responsibilities of business and IT process owners. We have consultant who can also certify your systems as per COBIT 5 framework for IT governance and information security.

Network Infrastructure Auditing Services

Network audit services provide you with complete insight into your network performance and functionality. These services will help in identification of network related problems and bottlenecks that are downgrading effectiveness and efficiency of your network. Audit reports form the key deliverables of this service, and will also carry the important factors that will aid you addressing challenges and problems in Bandwidth management, Cabling faults, IT planning, IT sourcing, effective utilization of existing capacity, hardware, software and application performance related issues and more.

Log monitoring, review and reporting

Log monitoring service monitors, correlates and analyzes logs and alerts across virtually any security technology and critical information asset to identify anomalies and respond to threats. CPI Technologies has developed an innovative and effective way of managing ongoing compliance requirements including log monitoring and incident reporting without putting any additional stress on your operations and budget. We have offsite (Remote) as well as onsite log monitoring and review services.

Server Hardening and Configuration Security ReviewSolutions

Server hardening is a step by step process of securely configuring theserver to protect it against unauthorized access and taking steps to make the system more reliable. It is required as some operating systems are designed and installed primarily to be user-friendly rather than secure. CPI Technologies provides in-depth risk and security analysis of security configurations of systems and network devices. We have built a comprehensive set of automated configuration assessment tools that can thoroughly evaluate the configuration of systems. By comparing a client's systems to best practices we can provide robust technical security control framework to strengthen the IT infrastructure and hosts.