Contract Staffing and Management Consultancy

Covenants Consultancy Division is accredited by all the leading telecom vendors in the Middle East and Africa region. Managed by professional staff with strong domain expertize, we are able to work with the clients functional teams to clearly understand the requirements thru providing a accurate profiling adn pre-selection of candidates.

The consultancy division has placed over 100 telecom professionals in the region and fully compliant tailore-made contract staffing solutions for its clients including adn not limited to full visa solutions, local invoicing options, global payroll services. Thru our strategic partnerships, we are able to offer full contractor solutions to clients and contractors in over 100 countries worldwide including over 25 in Middle East and Africa region.

Covenant effectively leverages the power of web based business networking and manages a global community of over 5000+ telecom professionals in partnership with acclaimed business networking portal Click on below links to be part of these Global community.

    Focused Hiring
  • Strong Telecom domain expertise
  • Extensive professional network of qualified resources
  • Full alignment with requirements of role
  • Background check and rating
  • HR and Administration
  • On-site Administrative support with monthly meetings
  • Timely and flexible multi-currency Payroll options
  • Timely processing of claims. Bonus, Overtime
  • Routine Management and Feedback
  • Monthly meeting with client POC
  • Bi-annual survey and feedback sessions
  • Joint performance evaluation & bonus administration
    Compliance & Local Support
  • Fully compliant employment Visa solution
  • Relocation and local orientation support
  • Flexible and cost effective accommodation, transport
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Development workshops
  • Customized Trainings
  • Team Building Activities
  • Flexibility & Transparency
  • Flexible invoicing options
  • Open book approach to pricing
  • Contingency fund for Emergency

Covenant's Managed Workforce Solution offers full end to end lifecycle management of contract employees, providing a total peace of mind for the clients and the contractors allowing them to focus of the main deliverables.

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Covenant offers fully compliant employment permit, local payroll, local administraitive support in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Covenant is always recruiting expericned telecom professionals for its clients projects in Middle east and Africa.

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